Getting a Work Visa in Europe in a Short Time

The Work Visa is a type of long-term visa that is required for work and residence and valid in Schengen countries. In other words, it is not for touristic purposes and means a kind of residence permit. This type of visa can be obtained for a maximum of 1 year and a minimum of 90 days.

Having a residence visa does not mean that you can work and live in every Schengen country. It means that you can stay in that country for more than 90 days in which country you got the visa. However, you can go to a Schengen country of your choice for a period not exceeding 3 months and stay in these areas for touristic purposes.

Who is a Work Visa Suitable for?

Working visa; Since it is not for touristic purposes, you must apply to the consulate for work or family reunification. For a work permit, you need to have documents from a workplace showing that they work with you and want to work with you. In other words, there is no age, gender or status barrier to obtain a work visa.

Visa Residency Work Visa Service Process

The candidate sends the professional qualification documents to Visa Residency via e-mail. If you are an unskilled worker, no document is requested.

Visa Residency checks the candidate’s eligibility to obtain a work visa and work in Europe.

Visa Residency informs the eligible candidates and the processes officially begin.

The candidate pays the consultancy fee to Visa Residency for the Work Visa and work permit processes.

Visa Residency issues a “Business Invitation Letter” from the relevant country to the candidate within 2 weeks.

The candidate applies to the consulate of the relevant country with the job invitation letter he received.

The tax numbers of the applicants whose visa is approved are issued by Visa Residency in the relevant country.

After getting the candidate visa, he/she can fly to the relevant country by purchasing the plane ticket.

After the candidate arrives in the relevant country, the residence permit processes of the candidate are initiated by the Visa Residency Lawyers.

Visa Residency Work Visa Service Limits

  • Visa Residency offers the issuance of an invitation letter for the work visa of the candidates who do not have any problems in obtaining a visa legally, and the issuance of the work visa to the eligible candidates. It does not guarantee employment.
  • The candidate can look for a job himself after obtaining the work visa.
  • During the job search process, the candidate must appear as insured at the company where Visa Residency has issued an invitation letter so that he does not lose his right to reside and work. In this process, the candidate is obliged to pay the insurance costs himself.

Candidate Requirements

After contacting Visa Residency officials, the candidate has three things to do:

  • Signing the preliminary protocol with Visa Residency
  • Paying the consultancy fee
  • To forward a copy of the passport to Visa Residency so that a Letter of Invitation can be issued.

Documents Required to be Submitted to the Consulate for a Work Visa

Documents Required for Residence Permit for the Relevant Country

We also have a Residence Permit service for candidates whose work visa has been approved and who want to obtain a residence permit in Europe.

Candidates who want to benefit from this service must also pay a session service and consultancy fee.

Frequently Asked Questions

Any qualified or unqualified person can apply. A construction worker can also apply to this program in people who are experts in any field.

The candidate has to work officially in the country for which he obtained a visa for at least 1 year. However, in this process, he can travel to any country in Europe that does not exceed 90 days.

 Depending on the reason for the visa refusal, a second job invitation can be issued by Visa Residency and a re-application can be made by writing an objection petition.

If the candidate’s application is rejected twice, half of the candidate’s fee is refunded.

No. Visa Residency only provides work visa service to the candidate. Within this service, it provides services such as issuing an invitation letter, providing consultancy during the residence permit process and completing the legal work of the candidate during the work visa process. After receiving the candidate’s visa, he/she has to pay the monthly insurance fee (350-Euro per month) to the company to which the invitation is issued in order not to lose his/her right to work visa during the job search process. The first 1 month insurance fee is included in the consultancy and service fee. In order to appear as an insured employee in the following months, the candidate must pay this insurance amount. If the insurance fee is not paid, the candidate may lose his right to a work visa. The candidate can freely seek employment in Europe after obtaining his visa.

Visa Residency Work Visa and Residence Counseling Consultancy Service Scope

Our services included in the Work Visa service and consultancy fee; issuing an invitation letter, obtaining a financial and social security number, notary public and attorney fees.

Candidates who have a Work Visa can get Residence Service Consultancy from Visa Residency after they leave. This service will be priced separately for candidates.

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