Determination of the applicant’s program preference

Conclusion of a contract with the applicant and receipt of the first pay

The first installment of the payment will be paid during registration, and the other installments will be collected within the framework of the terms specified in the contract.

The applicant will start the language course.

When the applicant reaches the B1 language level, the recruitment process will have started with the necessary documents.

When the applicant settles into a job, the contract phase will be started

After the applicant is accepted, a contract will be signed with him/her

After the contract is signed, the visa file and appointment of the applicant will be prepared and the application will be made

The process of coming to Germany of the applicant who has a visa will start.

The transactions in Germany and the follow-up of the process will be carried out.


The required age requirement for Nurse\Obstetrician\Radiology technician is 45, the required language requirement level is B2. They are required to certify this language requirement with the results obtained in official exams such as TELC, GOETHE, ÖSD, which are held at examination centers authorized by the German Government.


The necessary contracts are concluded at the very beginning of the process. The necessary documents are collected in order to apply for the equivalence of the applicant’s diploma. Notary transactions, translations of documents and apostille transactions are started to be performed. After the transactions are completed, the documents are sent to our related center in Germany and the balance transactions are started.

The equivalency processing time varies according to the state and the program and is completed in approximately 1-3 months. The applicant continues his/her studies to provide the necessary language requirement during this time. After the application is approved, an employer is set up for the applicant. By conducting an online interview between the applicant and the employer, it is ensured that the employer learns information about the applicant and tells  he candidate directly about the process.

This online interview is not scheduled before the applicant reaches the B1 level. After the employer is set up, the visa procedures of the applicant are started. A visa appointment is made for the applicant and preparation for interviews is provided. In this context, a visa guaranteed process is followed.

In addition, the internship part is determined after the equivalence documents and the acceptance stage of the employer. In general, there is a certain internship period for each branch and this period is directly proportional to the work experience of the applicant personnel and the academic education process they have received. As a result, the duration of this internship varies depending on the states and can be min 0, max 12 months

During this internship, the applicant staff receives a salary of € 1200-1600 depending on the state in which they are located and the scope of the program they applied for. After completing the internship, the applicant will start working in his/her branch and will start receiving his/her current salary.

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