The Netherlands as a Qualified Immigrant

A Guide to Moving to the Netherlands as a Qualified Immigrant:

A Wide-Ranging Review for Expats The Netherlands continues to be an attractive destination for qualified immigrants. Especially highly educated professionals in technology, engineering and similar fields feel at home with the numerous advantages offered by the Netherlands. The Netherlands attracts qualified immigrants not only with attractive tax advantages and ease of driver’s license conversion, but also with international jobs and quality of life. In this blog post, we will provide a comprehensive guide to those who are considering moving to the Netherlands as a qualified immigrant.

The Advantages of Being an Expat in the Netherlands
One of the biggest attraction that the Netherlands offers to qualified immigrants is the tax advantage called “30% Ruling”. According to this arrangement, expats are able to exempt 30% of their gross salary from taxes. In addition, qualified immigrants can convert their existing driver’s license to a Dutch driver’s license without any problems.
Netherlands Skilled Immigrant Visa Procedures
Those who want to move to the Netherlands as expats must have a certain level of education and experience. Highly educated and experienced people with a minimum of 5 years in fields such as electronics, software, IT, mechatronics are accepted as candidates with the potential to move to the Netherlands as expats. In addition, candidates must speak English at a minimum B2 level.

The visa and residence permit processes must be completed specifically for both the Netherlands and Turkey. However, these processes can be complicated and it is usually expected that the company that the candidate is considering moving to the Netherlands will manage the IND (ministry of immigration) processes. Only companies accredited to IND can manage these processes. This usually means that large firms such as Philips have their own accreditations, but most other companies do not have IND accreditation.

An expat works for an contracted company and receives his salary from this company. The expat’s salary is covered by deducting the service bill. This is usually a method preferred by companies because this way the expat’s responsibility is taken away from them and they can show the expenses as expenses thanks to the invoice.

Special Solutions for Expat Candidates
Some candidates may not have the qualifications to become an expat at first glance or on paper. However, even in this case, we can offer solutions. We can provide special solution suggestions for candidates who do not meet the criteria for an adequate salary, or for candidates who need to strengthen or edit their CVS.

The Role of Visa Residency
As Visa Residency, we are happy to help people who are considering becoming expats and companies looking for qualified workers in the Netherlands. With our services, we can take the burden of managing complex visa procedures and IND processes off you. We can also help with other difficulties of moving to the Netherlands, such as obtaining a BSN (tax) number, opening a bank account, registering with the municipality, finding housing, and making school applications for your children, if any. We can also help to make your driver’s license comply with Dutch norms, if any.

Our expat services are aimed at both expats themselves and Dutch companies. Companies can count on us to bring expats (qualified workers) to the Netherlands. Employers save time and resources in the recruitment process, but also provide access to a wider talent pool.
If you are considering becoming an expat or are looking for a qualified worker in the Netherlands, contact us to discover what Visa Residency can do for you. We look forward to being by your side on your journey to becoming an expat. If you need a guide to become a qualified worker in the Netherlands or to find a qualified worker, Visa Residency will be here for you!

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